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BetFury signs crypto partnership with BurgerCities

Updated:2024-03-25 13:07    Views:140

BetFury has revealed its new partnership with BurgerCities, launching a new play-to-earn game.

The prizes for the new game include branded NFTs, promo codes and bonuses, which players can win by joining what BetFury describes as ‘an ecosystem of crypto products for entertainment and additional income and BurgerCities.’

Furthermore, when the deal reaches its end, there will be a giveaway that will see 100 branded NFTs given out to winners, which will be chosen via free spins and bets that the platform will automatically add to the holders’ balance.

BurgerCities is a MetaFi platform that has its own decentralised exchange and NFTs, while BetFury’s platform is based on offering cryptocurrency products with entertainment aspects.

The deal will be valid for an, as yet undetermined amount of time.

Meanwhile, a recent report by the Treasury stated that cryptocurrency should be regulated as gambling in the UK.

A Committee of MPs has highlighted that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have no intrinsic value and serve no useful social purpose,poker star casino while broadly being used by criminals in scams, fraud and money laundering.

Concluding that due to the precarious nature of cryptocurrencies, they pose a large risk to consumers due to the risk of loss involved.

Commenting on the report, Harriett Baldwin MP, Chair of the Treasury Committee, said: “The events of 2022 have highlighted the risks posed to consumers by the crypto asset industry, large parts of which remain a wild west.

"Effective regulation is clearly needed to protect consumers from harm, as well as to support productive innovation in the UK’s financial services industry." 

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